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Lovely Your Skin

LUS has estabilished professional R&D capability and advanced production technology for the total cosmetic brand products through ODM and OEM systems. LUS products are composed with not only skin care products but also color cosmetics which are developed by customer's good reputation and optimize ingredients and high quality control system. We, LUS products are committed to providing innovative products by continuous R&D and make your skin more beautiful and lovely...

Company History


  • Participated in Las Vegas Cosmoprof Show 2010
  • Launched 'LUS' brand in Thailand, USA, Paraguay, Mongolia, China, Taiwan, and concluded export contracts per each country
  • Participated in 'Drugstore' exhibition in Japan,
  • Concluded an agreement on establishment of a cosmetic manufacturing factory, AGE-LOCK Thailand Co., Ltd
  • Participated in China Cosmetics Show


  • OEM supply to LG Household and Health Care, Amore Pacific, NIVEA, Home shopping of Aekyung Ind., Watson (a brand of girl-group singers 'Wonder Girls') and Home shopping hosted by an announcer Eun Kyung Choi
  • Launched 'LUS' brand, Established Tokyo branch office in Japan, Launched 'LUS' brand in Japan and concluded export contract
  • OEM supply to E-Mart, FILA, Renoma
  • Participated in China Cosmetic Show, Established AGE-LOCK China Co., Ltd, a cosmetics manufacturing factory
  • OEM supply agreement with a Philippines company
  • Launched 'LUS' brand in Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia, and concluded export contracts per each country
  • Participated in 'COSMOPROF Asia 2009' in Hong Kong (OEM Hall)


  • Tie-up with a company for export to China ('age-lock' brand)


  • Participated in Dehli Show, India
  • Tie-up with a company for export to Singapore


  • OEM export to QVC (Home shopping), USA


  • Participated in 'Drugstore' Exhibition in Japan
  • Participated in 'COSMOBEAUTY SEOUL 2005' in KINTEX, Seoul
  • Launched ¡°age-lock¡± Brand and exported the product to USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China
  • OEM export to USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Swiss, Pakistan, Dubai and Saudi Arabia
  • Exported 'age-lock' brand products to USA and Swiss


  • Launched 'HUMANPIA' Brand (Mask Pack)


  • Established HUMANPIA COSTECH / Manufacturing cosmetics (OEM, ODM, R/D)